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le WANTED live band

Création 2021
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Crédit photo : Romain Péli

THE WANTED LIVE BAND is a new version of WANTED, parody of the western, fully mimed and sounded by an actress and a noise maker at the microphone. In this new version, in addition to noisy mime and lipsync, all music originally launched from a computer is played live by three musicians on stage. For this project we were combining our respective strengths to give the show even more breadth and a flavor that Wanted lacked: live music. Two of the musicians perform regularly in New Orleans, and therefore have a repertoire specializing in blues and “old time jazz” from the 1920s. The third is multi instrumentalist, singer and actress. With a banjo, a harmonica, a double bass, a mandolin and three voices, they will play the soundscapes, the covers and the compositions. They are also integrated into the story as characters and narrators.

The presence of the musicians strengthens and elaborates the style of the cinematic western story. This style can be found in different films by the Cohen brothers such as The Buster Scruggs ride from which we were strongly inspired. The musical style will be centered mainly around the blues, folk and bluegrass, except for certain atmospheres, or “offbeat” moments which make the comedy of the show, and this while keeping the “accidentological” side of the show.

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After a childhood shared between Paris and Guadeloupe, Gaëlle Amour tackles classical guitar, dramatic art and high school at the Soissons conservatory. She first followed a university course at Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, from which she emerged, the only survivor, with a Masters in theater and cinema. In parallel with these studies, she became a drummer in a post-punk rock group and continued the theater, all in dark and dark rooms. It was her passage at the Paris 9th arrondissement conservatory which then redirected her violently towards music, and more particularly jazz: Sara Lazarus and Diane Dupuis would help her find her voice and open her eyes when she sang. So much the better, because it allowed her to see the thousands of children who attended the musical tales that she interpreted for several years within the Touk Touk Company: guitar, ukulele, bass, pan ... everything is there past, but it was above all the bass that enabled him to join in 2017 the company Difé Kako, for a dance and musical creation, performed in France, Tunisia, Guyana, Martinique and ... in Guadeloupe. The circle would have been closed, if Bruital had not intervened in extremis.

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Born in Marseille and of Franco-Moroccan origin, Nésar Ouaryachi was cradled from an early age by the sound of cicadas. Self-taught, he quickly became passionate about black American music and songs from the Mississippi.

So he learns the guitar, the harmonica and goes to sing the Blues on the road.

A graduate of the CFMI in Rennes where he discovered double bass, percussion and Latin music, he integrated various training:

Mr Grunwalsky (Jazz, Swing)

The narrow pouch (Collective Hip Hop)

King Pepe and his Calypso Combo

(Calypso Cuba) It was in 2015 that he met the fabulous team of itinerant musicians, “Les Poissons Voyageurs” (Swing & Balkan) and went on tour with them from France to Ukraine. Several tours in France and Europe will then follow.

He also swaps his summer shoes for hiking boots and gives concerts in the high mountains of the Pyrenees, Alps, Negev Desert, Mont Blanc, Dolomites, Reunion Island with the collective "La Tournée des


Quentin alias Bardi was born in Toulouse 28 years ago and started playing the banjo in 2012 during a trip to the United States. He specialized in music from the beginning of the 20th century, with traditional jazz and biguine from the French West Indies as his favorite field.

After numerous trips and musical tours around the globe, including two sailing across the Atlantic, Bardi now lives between France and Berlin, working full time as a musician in dance music orchestras of the 1920s and 1930s.

We can hear him playing the tenor banjo, the mandolin or even the tenor guitar with resonator, a strange metallic instrument with four strings.

He is part or has been part of groups such as "Frog and Henry", The Ragtime Nightmare "," The Jungle Jazz Band "or the famous Dutch show" Ashtonia ".

Un grand merci à nos partenaires : 


Soutien en coproduction/Accueil en résidence : L'Atelier Culturel  (Landerneau- - Le Théâtre des Abattoirs (Rioms) - Rions de Soleil (Embrun)

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Écriture et mise en scène : Lorraine Brochet - Barnabé Gautier 

Jeu : Lorraine Brochet - Barnabé Gautier

Musiciens originaux et compositeurices : Nesar Ouaryachi, Gaëlle Amour, Quentin bardinet

Musiciens remplaçants : Romain Brusini, Marie Gebhard, Jérôme Arlet

Regard extérieur : Anne Bouchard, Rémy Vachet

Régie son : Thibault Le Marec

Contact artistes : 

Production: Elise Wiart -


Discipline : musique live, mime, bruitage 

Style musical : old time blues, folk, bluegrass

Langues : disponible en version francophone et anglophone

Durée :  1h10

A partir de 10 ans.

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