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* working title





New creation


Expected release in 2023 (because we have all the time to get it right, there's no reason to hurry.)



With mime, sound effects, live music and new magic



" It is not a sign of good health to be well adapted to a sick society."

Jiddu Krishnamurti






COUCOU is a story of mad people with movement, sound effects, theater and new magic, song and trumpet, shadows that make their life, memory lapses, smoke in the ciboulot, fixed ideas, flying pieces of paper, accidents, people who do not exist everywhere and places in the head that are scary.


COUCOU is a tribute to those who have a foothold in each world. To those who question a definite materialistic reality, to those who too often end up with their eyes off. To the ancient peoples who make them sorcerers, sometimes. To the smugglers between the worlds.







From and with:


Arthur Chavaudret (magic, game)

Barnabé Gautier (sound effects, game)

Lorraine Pike (mime, game)


Collaborations: Claire Lamothe (choreographies) Raphaëlle Brochet (musical compositions) Anne Bouchard (playing, writing)


Diffusion / Production: Leila Amini

Administration: Lola Barrière



Notre candidature au Puy du Fou en 2020. Ils n'ont jamais donné suite.

La Hire face aux anglais, sur le champ de bataille à Orléans. Présentation de travail au Sillon, Caen.

Soutiens, coproductions et accueil en résidence : Région Occitanie - Les Elvis Platinés -  Le Rudeboy Crew - L’Eté de Vaour - Le Silo (Méréville) -Communauté d'agglomération pays basque Euskal Hirigune Elkargoa - Eclats de Rue (Caen) - Le Daki Ling (Marseille) - L’Espace Bonnefoy (Toulouse)  La Dame d'Angleterre  (Brignon) - L'Arrêt Création (Fléchin) - Les 3 éléphants (Laval) - Centre Culturel Jovence (Louvigné du Désert) - Conseil départemental 31

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