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WANTED is a western parody, entirely mimed and sounded by an actress and a sound artist. He is the voice, she is the body and between them they play all the characters of the Wild West, from the proud sheriff to the bloodthirsty bandit passing by the banker, the prisoner and the femme fatale. With precise synchronization, they enjoy the clichés like a cartoon, and tell between the western lines another story, their own, a little absurd and a bit tragic.


De et par : Lorraine Brochet et Barnabé Gautier

Jeu : Lorraine Brochet en alternance avec Gaëlle Amour et Barnabé Gautier

Co-créatrice : Anne Bouchard

Regard extérieur : Martin Votano

Costumes : Hélène

Remerciements : Addeli Lafalef, Cie Cachiporra, Fondacion Compa Trono

Duration: 50 mins
From 10 years old.

Feed back......

  • Les Irreépressibles: "Wanted boldly revisits - and with great talent! - the" western "genre, by mixing actress performance and live sound effects ... An atypical show, at the borders of cartoon, live cinema, pantomime … - with a good dose of derision and humor! "

  • L'Avant-Seine: "All the characters are embodied by an actress with the precision of a Swiss watch and a stripping humor. A sound-buddy with contagious inventiveness ensures the soundtrack. The duo excels in the parody of good old men pictures made in the Wild West. If Sergio Leone had the idea of ​​working with Mime Marceau, the result would not have surpassed that of Wanted. Cowboy word "

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